Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chilled and filled lemon cupcakes

These chilled and filled lemon cupcakes were inspired by the lovely weather that we are seeing more often these days, and I thought that a citrussy but also refrigerated cake would be more refreshing than say chocolate!
This is just a standard cupcake with a hint of vanilla to banish that doughy/flour taste, it also has a lemon curd center and then  a lemon butter cream frosting on top.  I got the lemon butter cream frosting recipe from my Hummingbird Bakery Book but the recipe turned out to be a dud which used artificial lemon flavourings, doesn't produce enough frosting for the 12 cakes it said it did, and it also takes a decade to set (I learnt this from some other cupcakes I made)! So, I altered it slightly to make a more natural tasting frosting with subtle lemon undertones rather than an over powering artificial flavour. 

Ingredients for lemon butter cream:
350g Icing Sugar
100g Lurpak Butter
Juice of half a medium sized lemon - remember to get rid of the pips!
2/3 cap fulls of semi-skimmed milk
1. Bake the cupcakes.  This is only a plain cupcake so any recipe that you prefer will do just fine and only add one or two drops of vanilla extract.  Bake, and leave to cool on a tray.
2. Whilst they are cooling make your butter cream, using the ingredients above.  Simply add all the ingredients in to a bowl or food processor and mix.
3. When the cakes have cooled it is time to fill them.  Using a piping bag filled with 2 tbsps of lemon curd, plant the pipe in to the center of the cupcake (as far down as you like) and squeeze the lemon curd in to the center, slowly pulling the pipe up and out of the cake as you go.
4. Ice the cupcakes with the butter cream as you see fit.  Add chopped or grated lemon on top for decoration.
5. Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then eat :)


Anonymous said...

Mmmm I love lemony things coming into spring & summer!!

Natasha Green ★ said...

thank you very much nic! All the best, Natasha.