Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Well people, wasn't today very lovely and warm? I hope you all enjoyed it and lets hope it continues for the weekend! 
Today's antics included a visit to town with my friend Alice and some bag packing for when I return home to Leeds tomorrow for a week!  Whilst in town we felt that a trip to Primark was much needed and I am so glad we went because I collected some absolute bargains; things I had seen in Topshop that were just way out of my budget were sat in Primark!  AMAZING! For the summer and my holiday I have chosen outfits from mostly H&M and Primark, they are the cheapest high street shops around and H&M quality is unbeatable; I have a cotton Led Zep t-shirt from when I was fourteen that has no holes, no shifted seams and no loose threads!
Here are some pictures of my outfits -
T-Shirt - £15, Topshop.
Skirt - £12, Primark.
 Palazzo pants - £12, Primark.
Boob tube - £3.99, H&M.
Shoes - £10, Primark.
T-Shirt - £7.99, H&M.
Skirt (as above)
Washburn Guitar - £???, from a music store.

Firstly, I absolutely adore the 70s look, as you've probably been able to tell from my recent blog posts; it is such a classy but fun look that suits all shapes and sizes.
Also, the t-shirt above, with the CND sign, is a very seventies influenced design which is taken from an era where a lot of people felt strongly about nuclear disarmament, human rights and freedom; a notion I think a lot of people can still connect with.  The t-shirt is from H&M and it is promoting their recent collaboration with the Knot Violence campaign, a company who are a unique arts based violence prevention and peace education initiative, who are using the knotted gun symbol and various other designs for their promotion.  I feel very passionately about the act of violence, I wrote my dissertation on marital violence in Victorian Britain, so I felt like this t-shirt (amongst many others which are available in H&M off and online) was an appropriate choice as it says something about me.  What do your clothes say about you?  


shadownlight said...

gosh those shoes are amazing!!!

Natasha Green ★ said...

why thank you! They were on special offer for £10 instead of £14! Hope all is well, Natasha.