Monday, 7 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday!

So, tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday the final day of indulgence before Lent officially begins.  I have never given up anything for Lent but this year I am giving up chocolate and I would like to find out what you all have given up in the past and what you are giving up for Lent this year.  So, please leave comments below :)

I'm a fan of crepe type pancakes because the thick ones are just too much for me, and I eat my pancakes with golden syrup and fresh lemon juice; sometimes I will have Nutella or even peanut butter!  This is the recipe for the pancakes that my mum has always used, they are really tasty pancakes and they are fun to flip.
Pinch of salt
13 heaped tbsp of plain flour
3 eggs
Enough milk until it is at a consistency that you would like (I like mine quite soupy)

1. Beat the eggs in a small bowl with a whisk or a fork

2. Spoon the plain flour into a large separate bowl and add a pinch of salt

3. Create a small pool in the center of the flour and pour the eggs in to it - whisk this is up slowly whilst adding the milk.

NB: do this slowly otherwise you will end up lumpy pancakes!

4.  Keep adding milk until the pancake mix is at a consistency that you would like it to be.
NB: if you like thick puffy American style pancakes have the mixture quite thick and cook it in a smaller frying pan.  If you want thin crepe style pancake then use enough to make it a soupy consistency and cook it in a wider pan!

5. Pour oil or add a knob of butter in to your pan and ladel your pancake mix in to the pan!  Use a thin plastic spatula to flip the pancakes and remember to go around the edges so it doesn't stick.  Wait until the first side has gone a darker cream colour and flip it over!

6. Use a microwave safety plate over a lightly heated stove to put the pancakes on, it will keep them warm and it means you can all eat your pancakes together!
Enjoy pancake day everybody, please share your Lent stories below! :)
Here is a photo - by popular demand - of my own pancakes that I made on Shrove Tuesday....
One of my house mates was going to be late home so by putting a large plate on top of a cooling tray and over a slightly heated hob you can keep your pancakes warm and eat them altogether at the table. 


Peach said...

I have just finished giving up eating chocolate for 4 months! it was hard, but finally, i managed to keep my promise :)
i love pancakes! i'll try your recipe tomorrow morning!they look delicious!

Natasha Green ★ said...

4 months? Congratulations to you! I hope you enjoy this recipe, remember to use less milk if you want them thick and more if you want them thin.
All the best, Natasha. x

MissCakeBaker said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Natasha. I will so be making pancakes tomorrow and will use your recipe. I agree thin are best! Rambles and Shambles is lovely!

Natasha Green ★ said...

Thank you very much Miss Cake Baker :) I hope you like the recipe. What do you put inside your pancakes?

Kim said...

Mmm your pancakes look yummy! I've never made them before but I am giving them a go today. I've never given up anything for Lent - I have no willpower at all! Good luck surviving without chocolate, you are a braver girl than I!

Anonymous said...

did you make the pancakes that are in the photos? ive seen similar on google

Natasha Green ★ said...

to anonymous person, no they are not my pictures I grabbed them off google. Should I be saying that they are not mine as I am as sure there are millions of other bloggers out there (who don't make money from their blogs) who use google photos.
Please can you stop putting yourself as anonymous, you obviously have something to hide otherwise you would say who you are.

New Outlook Fitness said...

yummy pancakes! ill be making mine with buckwheat for my weekend breakfast (an ode to shrove tuesday) xx

Natasha Green ★ said...

how did the buckwheat recipe go? All the best, Natasha.