Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hot toddy

This hot toddy tastes and smells like Christmas pudding in a lovely warm drink, a perfect warmer upper for a quiet night in or a refreshing drink for those of you with the sniffles.

x1 shot of Captain Morgan's rum - if you don't have a shot glass, then 3-4 bottle caps is enough
x1 pinch of cinnamon
x1 pinch of nutmeg
Full cup of milk
NB: you can also add Coffee or hot chocolate, in which case 3/4 cup of milk and fill the rest with your choice of hot drink.

Add all of the ingredients into your mug and microwave until hot.  I have an 850W microwave and it took 90 seconds.


Kim said...

Ooh if I had some rum in the house I would be into the kitchen whipping one of these up now.. it's gone sooo cold today!

allymacster said...

I'd love one of these tonight, but I don't think I can face alcohol still after a heavy night last week!!!! xxx