Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Marshmallow Fluff

You got to love marshmallow fluff, but you must admit that it is expensive, you can only buy it in specialist stockists like Harvey Nichols, and it's full of nasty preservatives and chemicals! 
It's a great cake filling and can be used to make fudge too.  I'm using it today for filling my 21st birthday cake instead of jam or butter cream. 
This recipe is for seriously fluffy and seriously sticky marshmallow fluff, using natural ingredients for a tasty dessert!

Ingredients: enough for 2 cakes, 4 jam jars (for presents) and a fair few cupcakes!!!

  • 470ml runny honey
  • 470ml caster sugar
  • x3 egg whites
  • Tsp vanilla flavouring
Method: WARNING - STRENUOUS: Please use an electric whisk!
  1. Add everything to a big bowl - you need a big bowl because when you start whisking it it rises quickly and you don't want it overflowing!
  2. Whisk on full power for 10 minutes, or more until it's white, fluffy and sticky!
NB: the mixture does start off brown and it is bitty from the sugar, but the longer you whisk it, and the faster you whisk it the whiter, and smoother the fluff goes!  This recipe is good if there are two of you making it because then you can swap half way for a break whilst your friend whisks!

You can store this in the fridge, or use it straight away! Enjoy this seriously fluffy and seriously sticky marshmallow fluff!


allymacster said...

I've made my own fluff once before and it is waaay better than the stuff in the jar. Happy Birthday xxx

Phil in the Kitchen said...

Great idea. I definitely won't try to whisk it by hand, though. Have an excellent birthday.

MissCakeBaker said...

So impressed you made your own!