Monday, 18 April 2011

Kreativ Blog Awards

The lovely "peach drinking tea" has tagged me in her recent blog post on the Kreativ Blog awards. I never expected to get any type of award for my blog, I'm a bit of a poor blogger at times and I personally would not consider my blog to be particularly creative, maybe a bit but not as a creative as some of the other ones out there.  But, I think a very big thanks is due all the same to the sweet lady who gave me this award. THANK YOU!
 The rules of the awards are that you have to nominate seven other bloggers and then do the kind job of telling them that they have been given it.  So, here is my list of seven bloggers whose blogs I enjoy to read.
  1. David Rees - West End Friend 
  2. Hatty Bell - Who Shall I Be Today?
  3. Peach - The Peach Drinking Tea
  4. Beth Herrmann - Mia's Bakehouse
  5. Beth-Charlotte - Baking and Brogues
  6. Kim - Cakes from Kim
  7. Mrs. Thrifty - A Mrs Thrifty
It was quite difficult to choose only seven of these guys because there are so many creative and wonderful blogs out there that I read almost every day.  Good luck to everyone else :)
All the best, Natasha Green. 


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Thank you so much lovely lady!

Peach said...

THANK YOU, you're so lovely and sweet! you totally deserve it! :)

Beth-Charlotte said...

Thank-you so much sweetheart, means a lot to me :) xxx

Emily said...

Aw well done you! Thanks for telling my about MAC lipsticks, I'll definitely try them out!

Emily xx

Natasha Green ★ said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments :)
I hope the MAC lipsticks work out well for you, if you're interested I did a wee blog post about my lipstick, I'll post it on your blog for you!
All the best, Natasha.

Mia's Bakehouse said...

Hey Hun! Thank you so much for the nomination, how touching! so sweet of you! :) xx

shadownlight said...

i have been at the east sea in germany on a little carless island :) it was phantastic those silence around :)
greets from germany :)

Hattybell said...

Thanks Tasha!! I really wanna go to Coachella, it looks amaze. Im gunna put it on my 'list of things I want to do next year'!!

Hope youre ok

Kim said...

Aww thank you so much! I never expect to get anything as I know there are so many talented bloggers out there especially in the baking stakes, but it's really fab to know that somebody enjoys reading mine, so thanks. You definitely deserve yours, too :)

cajunlicious said...

I received one more tag game and it is about Easter Menu..I tagged you and I hope that you will find time to participate!
Visit my blog for more info!! thanks!

Natasha Green ★ said...

Thank you for all the support and if you can, you should all have a go at playing the Easter Menu Tag Game, as suggested by Jessica/cajunlicious above!
Have a great Easter weekend everybody :)
Natasha xx