Monday, 31 January 2011

Sense of Smell.

Possibly the most talked about perfume of summer 2010 was Chance eau tendre by Chanel; it has such a clean yet subtle aroma and I personally don't think a mid-afternoon re-spray is necessary.

Whenever I smell this perfume it does remind me of my summer last year and a very happy summer it was too; I guess that was the purpose of the product.  I realise that they bring out seasonal perfumes every year and unless we have already found our staple scent we will all stand in the perfume shops choking ourselves to death with the new ranges.  Perfumes are difficult to factor in to our lives, if you are a meticulous customer you will want a perfume that reflects your personality or your style rather than just any old perfume.  Personally, I think a clean 'just come out of the shower' fragrance is the most desirable scent for both the women who wear it and the men who smell it.  A sweet smelling perfume that has just become available is the Jimmy Choo eau de parfum

Like the Chanel perfume, Jimmy Choo's eau de parfum is also on the pricey side of the fence, but if you think the fragrance is for you it is worth saving up for (obviously if you are not a student this wont be a problem.)
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What's your favourite fragrance?

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