Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Material Girl.

"Just around the corner in every woman's mind - is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creature of her." Wilhela Cushman.

Our clothes change how other people perceive us, they actually say a lot about our personality and our emotional state of being on that day.  For instance, when I feel gloomy I will either wallow in my self-pity in a pair of jeans and some random top, or I will make an extra effort to look nice, in an attempt to restore some self confidence.
I never really consider what I have been buying from the shops on our high streets, I just buy what I like and as a result I have ended up with a lot of miss matching clothes.  Instead of getting items that would go with a variety of things, I get clothes that will only go with one skirt or with one pair of shoes, and this is not a good habit when you are a student.  So, recently I have been mending my ways and buying clothes that go with a lot things I own and sticking to a colour palette that matches me and my personality.  Here are some images of my recent purchases:

All of this is from Topshop apart from the cardigan which is from TK Maxx (very similar one in Primark) and the belt which came from Zara with a pair of trousers.
I adore my black skinny jeans because they go with absolutely everything I own, I hardly ever wear blue denim these days.  And whilst I love my new shoes they are not made out of the most fantastic material, I should have shopped around for similar ones in a more leather rather than suede material.  I've only worn them three times and they have several scuff marks on them and they have stained easily in the rain.  There are some cheaper ones in New Look or Primark so get those if you want some pump style brogues for SS '11.

This is a cotton dress (not online yet) that I bought from Topshop today, you can wear it with tights or these little cotton socks which I got from Primark for £1.50.
I do not like cheap man-made materials, I find that clothes which are made from polyester, acrylic, nylon etc are not as durable as cotton.  I would not think twice about material though if it was not for my Dad as he never allowed me to wear man-made materials as a child and continuously exclaimed his dislike towards them. 

This is a necklace I found in Primark, it was £1.50.  I don't buy jewellery from Topshop any more because it is so expensive, Primark is the way forward (for some things).  


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