Sunday, 6 February 2011

All flared up!

Living in Oxford was probably a poor decision on my part when it came to retail as there are a limited amount of shops which includes the non-existence of Hennes and Mauritz, a small Zara and a tiny Topshop.  So, I save any shopping for when I go to Bristol to see my boyfriend Matthew, I really appreciate that he actually has an opinion on clothes....sometimes....we were in Hennes and Mauritz once and he pulled out a brightly coloured tartan skirt and exclaimed "this is very Vivienne Westwood isn't it Natasha?"  Anyhow, this is what I purchased this week from Bristol Cabot Circus.

I have wanted a hat like this for a while now, I began my search in TK Maxx but they were all for people with teeny tiny heads and then I found this by chance in Topshop.  The hat would be a great accessory for anyone with auburn, ginger or brown hair.  When Matthew tried it on it clashed with has natural blonde hair and it just did not go with his complexion.  I was thinking of matching the hat up with my tweed jacket because of the feathers I thought it would enhance my 'hunter girl' look.  

Whilst skinny jeans are still fashionable to wear, the new statement jeans are flared and Topshop has a fair selection of them in an array of shades.  My theory with flares is that the longer your legs are the more amazing the jeans look not matter what colour they are.  Mine are just a simple dark indigo denim and they are probably the most flattering and comfortable pair of jeans I now own.

Bristol is great for shopping, there is an endless list of shops in a semi-sheltered arena of retail.  A lot of the clothes I buy whilst I am university are from Bristol, so if you're ever down there visit the city centre and treat yourself.

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