Thursday, 17 February 2011

After Eight

These are my 'After Eight' cupcakes, I've been meaning to blog about these for a while but I just kept forgetting!  This is just a basic chocolate cake - do not use the Nigella recipe, I personally find her cakes quite dry - use the recipe I use which is on the previous blog. 

To make the cupcakes and the butter cream I used dark chocolate which I then melted.  I find that using proper chocolate keeps the texture quite moist, unlike cocoa powder.  So, for the butter cream I used a standard recipe but with 50g less butter, I replaced that with 150g of dark chocolate that I then melted and added to the mixture.  After this has been added and whisked in add a tbsp of peppermint flavouring.

This is the flavouring I used for this recipe because it does not have as many preservatives or strange chemicals in it as Dr.Oetker.  Please do not mix this flavouring with Betty Crocker ready-made butter cream, it will not taste nice at all.  Cutting corners with baking may sometimes seem like a good idea but honestly if you want great tasting and great looking food with as few preservatives, E-numbers etc in as possible then bake from scratch.  

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