Monday, 22 November 2010

ding dong.

          Christmas is so exciting, when you're younger it's all about cooking, decorating and seeing family, and when you're older it's all about cooking, decorating and seeing family. You cannot go wrong with it really and I don't think you can lose the Christmas cheer if you get stuck in and have fun with it, but some people don't, I've been one of those people the past year, as have my university friends.  
          My mum came to visit recently and bought these magazines for herself, I had hold of them when she got on the train and I didn't realise she would then have to spend four hours staring into space until the train had left the platform.  Freud might have something to say about that, but this blog isn't about him; he's weird.  Since I've been at uni, the last two Christmases have been very un-Christmassy, until I get home at the last minute.  I reckon quite a lot of students feel like this because most of us don't bother with Christmas lights, tinsel and what not; there's no point as we abandon the student hovel and migrate to the Christmas cheer at home.  But, when my mum accidentally left me this magazine, for the first time since my stay at uni I've felt that Christmas warmth and nostalgia.  This magazine put a big smile on my face and if you're one of those students who doesn't feel that Christmas cheer until they get home five days before, you should just buy this magazine, it'll make the whole load of difference.

          It's full of lovely recipes for Christmas food including edible tree decorations, Christmas decorations you can make yourself and just general Christmassy jargon!  I cannot wait to get back to Leeds to spend some well needed time with my family and friends for Christmas.  Anyone else excited?

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